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Technology Solutions Centre

AKA “Tech Solutions” or “TSC”:  is the hub of all things IT across the University.

Our technical support teams ensure that mission-critical systems are available when users need them.

Everything from maintaining the student information system, to making sure the lab computers run, to improving the wireless network and much, much more all fall under the TSC umbrella.

As a sub-section of the main UWinnipeg.ca website, the main focuses of http://techsolutions.uwinnipeg.ca are to:

  • Inform staff, faculty and students of upcoming technology implementations and outages.
  • Keep our clients in the know about major IT projects.
  • Offer training links and FAQ guides on the technologies supported around campus.
  • Provide easy to use online contact forms for the most common issues and requests.
  • Make sure that all staff, faculty and students have a consistent and up to date point-of-contact regarding campus technology.

If you have a suggestion on how we can improve our services, please Talk To Us about it!