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New Automatic Windows Update Process

TSC is preparing to implement a new, standardized method of automatically installing important Windows updates to all of our campus computers.

The morning of Tuesday, May 13th is when this new deployment model will become “live” on all campus Windows machines (not applicable to Macs at this time).

This new model has some significant advantages:

  • You, our clients, will not be burdened to remember to install these sometimes critical updates.
  • By controlling how and when these updates occur, TSC can ensure that the updates can co-exist with the other standard software tools the various University departments use.
  • The over-all security model employed across campus computers will remain consistent and up to date.

As an end-user you shouldn’t notice much of a change regarding your usual routine, however there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • You will see a pop-up message in your task-bar (bottom-right, near the clock), informing you that an update is occurring.
  • The first few times this update happens you might notice a little sluggishness with your computer. This is natural as new things are added. Once the software versions have caught up to the latest available, subsequent updates should be hardly noticeable.
  • You will be required to reboot your computer for some of these updates to finish installing properly. Rest assured that you will be given obvious notice that you have 90 minutes to save what you’re working on before the reboot occurs.      
  • There might be instances where you will be asked to reboot a few times in a fairly short span as some updates rely on other updates being installed first. We realize that this seems a little pesky but it’s a vendor requirement that we have no control over.

As we all get comfortable with the new system, other software package updates will be delivered to you in the same, almost transparent way.

As always, please contact the TSC Service Desk is you have any questions or concerns.