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TSC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the University community for their patience and cooperation as we migrated our campus infrastructure from an outdated and non-supported network operating system (Netware) to a sustainable, stable and progressive one (Windows).

With the desktop rollout aspects completed end of February, we had a few final cleanup activities to finish before declaring completion.  We are now happy to announce that the final transitions from Netware to Windows are complete, including, with the University’s community’s help and cooperation, a final campus wide security review and update of all network file share access.

The University of Winnipeg can now proudly declare we are operating within a sustainable, stable, and progressive networking environment, removing limitations holding back various technology improvements, and paving the way for other required updates and advancements on campus.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to the team of dedicated professionals in TSC who worked tirelessly and diligently to complete this migration.  A concerted effort was made to complete the complicated technology migration as seamlessly as possible to ensure continuity of services to the campus community we support.

The project was a monumental effort requiring experts across functional technology domains within TSC as well as externally.

Core areas of the team included:


  • Technology Infrastructure led by Resty Jimenez

Doug Karlowsky

Dennis Khaw

Roberto Urrea

Greg Seabrook

Sean Kowal

Roland Filomeno

  • Desktop Services led by Paul Seel

Colin Fijal

Carmine Vizza

Neil Spears

Napoleon (Leon) Lagaspi

Steven Labay

Meako Marlow

Rodel Lat

Herbert Cambay

Bienvenue Balajadia

  • Technology Service Desk led by Tanya Anania and Tracy Seymour

Luis Hernandez

Amy Borges

Yohan Dezylva

Dylan Cohen

Kanwarpreet Kaur

Kyle Roche

Sathiyaseelan Thirunavukarasu

Jacob Sazonov

  • Project Managers Michele DelRizzo and Karl Sproll (of Alitra Inc)
  • Technology partners on campus in the library, PACE, and printing services


Thank you!