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Blog # 2 – Student Planning / Registration Upgrade

It’s almost here!  The new Student Planning online tool – the next generation of WebAdvisor – will be launched on March 2, 2016

On that day, you will be able to start accessing this great new tool by logging into WebAdvisor and then clicking on “Student Planning / Registration” under the Registration menu.

To see firsthand how Student Planning works and all the amazing things it can do, sign up NOW for one of the Information Sessions listed below.   When you register for an info session your name will be entered in a draw to receive a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. You must be present at the info session to win. 

What is Student Planning?    Student Planning is a web-based, self-service tool that helps you plan your courses in keeping with your degree and major requirements.  It also enables you to register for courses from an interactive timetable view.   

Student Planning is the next generation of WebAdvisor.  It updates/replaces many functions of the old WebAdvisor, including registration and finances, and adds some exciting new features too.  A few functions of the old WebAdvisor will remain in use for now; they will gradually be phased out in the future.

Student Planning lets you create a multi-year plan of all your courses, based on pre-requisites and on when courses are typically offered.   

Once the University releases the course offerings for a Term(s), you can plan the specific sections you want to take in the interactive timetable.   You can save your timetable plan and then you only need to click “Register” on your registration date/time.

In the meantime, the interactive view of the timetable lets you see how many students have already registered for a course. This allows you to plan for alternate courses prior to your tier registration date/time if a course is already full.

With each Term you register for, you can check to see if your course plan meets your degree and major requirements. 

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