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Blog #4 – Student Planning Success!!!

Student planning has now been live for 1 full week!

19,937 undergraduate students were given access to Student Planning on March 2, 2016 as we activated the system. Four student demo sessions have been held and two more are scheduled for the week of March 21, 2016 when spring registration begins.

Students now have online degree planning, timetabling, and advanced registration functionality, as well as enhanced tools to communicate with their Advisors…. all available to them at the touch of their fingertips!

Since implementation last Wednesday, 3,071 students have already used it! We can also see that a total of 5,302 courses have been planned!

Here are some of the comments students have made about Student Planning:

1) “This student planning tool is awesome. I love how I could check out another degree program to see my progress and more options. “

2) “Planning is useful. I will be able to register on my date and time with it all in front of me…. Much less stressful.”

3) “I am further along the way to complete my degree than I thought. Wow.”

4) “I guess that means that I have to declare my major then.”

5) " Best thing ever. Now I can see my whole progress and plan my degree. It's super exciting".

6) " I love the unofficial transcript feature. It's so easy to access".

7) "To be able to visualize the degree progress has helped me to plan my future terms".

8) "Simple.... easy to use... love it" Other students have also remarked that they are happy that they can apply for graduation directly online.