Technology Solutions Centre

Introducing Degree Audit

Student Services and TSC are pleased to announce that the Degree Audit module of the student information system is now live!  This module allows an advisor to produce a report on the degree requirements that a student has completed and those that are still remaining.  This will help students stay on track for graduating on time. It will also allow advisors to spend more time on advising and less time filling out paper checklists when checking if a student has met all the requirements for graduation. Degree Audit also lets an advisor run “what if” scenarios to allow a student to evaluate what would be required if they were to change degree programs.

Degree Audit, part of the Colleague Student Information System, also paves the way for implementing the Student Planning module in Colleague. Student Planning, a self-service module that students will be able to access directly, will allow students to plot out the courses they plan to take each term and creates an interactive timetable at registration that factors in prerequisites and waiting lists, all while showing if the courses selected meet degree requirements.

The Degree Audit module was enabled for some of our programs on Monday, June 16.  More programs have been implemented since, and still others are currently under development.  For a list of programs currently enabled for Degree Audit, see the programs listed here.