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Welcome to the new TSC web site!

We’ve revamped our site to make it easier for you to stay up to date on information technology and networking matters at UW.  The TSC Notifications page will keep you posted on planned outages for all services and explanations of what happened when things go wrong.  



Student Services and TSC are pleased to announce the implementation of Student Planning for undergraduate students.

On Wednesday March 2, 2016, Student Planning replaced WebAdvisor as a registration system. This web-based self-service solution helps students plan their courses against the degree requirements and enables them to register for courses from an interactive timetable view.

Students can create a multi-year plan of their courses taking into account pre-requisites and the  terms/years in which courses are generally offered. Once course sections are available students can plan the specific section they want to take. The interactive view of the timetable allows students to see how many students have already registered for a course. This allows them to plan for alternate courses prior to their tiered registration appointment in case a course is already full. Students can also check to see if their course plan meets degree requirements each time they register. Click here for more information.



UWinnipeg’s IT/Information Security Office encourages faculty and staff to review “Ouch!”, a monthly newsletter produced by The SANS Institute, a leading provider of Information Security resources. Its intent is to provide the public with insight and resources on how to keep yourself secure from information technology threats. 

This edition focuses on securing your home network

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