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Undergraduate Online Admissions

The TSC, Business Solutions team is proud to unveil the newly redesinged Undergraduate Online Admissions system.

The redesigned Undergraduate Online Admissions system includes a new online application for students and a new manager application for Admissions staff.

The application enables new students to apply for specific programs by Faculty, and enables current Manitoba high school students to self-report their Grade 12 courses and grades.

The platform takes advantage of the new framework for web development, allowing for faster development and making it easier for future maintenance. In addition, it allows for an interactive and intuitive interface, improving the user experience for students and staff.

The style of the new application is consistent with the new University of Winnipeg brand and with current web standards, making it compatible with pcs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

You can find the the Online Admissions Application link by going to WebAdvisor, then click on the Guests, Prospective Students, Current Students or Faculty link.  You'll find the online app page under the Undergraduate Studies Resources heading.