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A thank you from OTTO

While prepping OTTO for the big-leagues, the Service Desk asked some of our colleagues around campus to help us test the end-product and give feedback on look, feel and overall usability.

We got some great feedback and put it into the end-product going live on August 19th.

Without the assistance of these pilots, it would have been difficult to get OTTO off the ground!

A big thank you goes out to:

  • Janet Turner
  • Randy White
  • Meaghan Michaluk
  • Joanne Seel
  • Donna Moskwa
  • Rod Ingram
  • John-Paul Knox

Another big thanks needs to go out to Media Services (our guinea pigs from day one), CTS and the rest of the TSC staff for playing big roles in setting up servers, networks, bug testing, logo/mascot design and more.

With much appreciation,

-The Service Desk

Taking the wraps off of OTTO

It’s taken a while, but TSC is proud to formally introduce OTTO to the campus!

Starting the morning of Tuesday, August 19th, TSC is switching over to a new Service Desk ticketing system which we’ve affectionately dubbed “OTTO”.  (OTTO stands for: Open Trouble Tickets Online)

At this point you won’t have to do anything different to open a new ticket with the Service Desk.  You can still call, send us an email, or submit an online form. 

When a new ticket is created for you, your @uwinnipeg.ca email account will instantly receive a confirmation note from otto@uwinnipeg.ca which will include details such as ticket number, date/time opened, ticket status, issue description, etc.. (this will not work with 3rd party email such as Hotmail, gmail and such)

Some of our favourite features:

  • Instant client notifications on new tickets or status updates
  • Send/receive updates via email
  • The ability to add screenshots and other attachments to the ticket directly from email
  • Confirmation that your ticket has been resolved

We’ve put together a handy FAQ + How-To section that includes a visual walk-through showing how a typical ticket is seen through the eyes of our clients.  This FAQ section also includes a “How to get the most out of OTTO” guide which lists some very important do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind to ensure things work as smoothly as possible for everyone.  Since you’ll already be on the TSC site, please check out the OTTO Blog as well for more details!

This is just a small sampling of OTTO’s ‘online’ capabilities to start, but there are a lot of features we’ll be slowly integrating over the coming months… ;)

The W5 of OTTO

OTTO seems to have piqued a lot of people’s interest and we’ve received quite a few questions!

We’ve got answers, but because it’s been so much fun for us we’re not quite done with the teasing yet!

To be fair here’s little more info to hold you over…

Who’s OTTO?

  • OTTO isn’t exactly a ‘who’; it’s the name of the new ticketing system being implemented by the TSC Service Desk.

What does OTTO stand for?

  • Open Trouble Tickets Online

When is OTTO going to start?

  • OTTO’s first day at TSC is Tuesday, August 19th.   He is looking forward to working with everyone at the University of Winnipeg!

Where am I going to see OTTO?

  • OTTO is mostly going to be noticeable through emails - for now…


  • Our old ticketing system is just that – old!  There is a lot of manual process involved with creating a ticket and keeping our clients updated.  With OTTO, TSC can interact with our clients “OTTO-matically”; making sure you get instant ticket numbers and timely updates on all your requests!


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