Technology Solutions Centre

A thank you from OTTO

While prepping OTTO for the big-leagues, the Service Desk asked some of our colleagues around campus to help us test the end-product and give feedback on look, feel and overall usability.

We got some great feedback and put it into the end-product going live on August 19th.

Without the assistance of these pilots, it would have been difficult to get OTTO off the ground!

A big thank you goes out to:

  • Janet Turner
  • Randy White
  • Meaghan Michaluk
  • Joanne Seel
  • Donna Moskwa
  • Rod Ingram
  • John-Paul Knox

Another big thanks needs to go out to Media Services (our guinea pigs from day one), CTS and the rest of the TSC staff for playing big roles in setting up servers, networks, bug testing, logo/mascot design and more.

With much appreciation,

-The Service Desk