Technology Solutions Centre

Taking the wraps off of OTTO

It’s taken a while, but TSC is proud to formally introduce OTTO to the campus!

Starting the morning of Tuesday, August 19th, TSC is switching over to a new Service Desk ticketing system which we’ve affectionately dubbed “OTTO”.  (OTTO stands for: Open Trouble Tickets Online)

At this point you won’t have to do anything different to open a new ticket with the Service Desk.  You can still call, send us an email, or submit an online form. 

When a new ticket is created for you, your @uwinnipeg.ca email account will instantly receive a confirmation note from otto@uwinnipeg.ca which will include details such as ticket number, date/time opened, ticket status, issue description, etc.. (this will not work with 3rd party email such as Hotmail, gmail and such)

Some of our favourite features:

  • Instant client notifications on new tickets or status updates
  • Send/receive updates via email
  • The ability to add screenshots and other attachments to the ticket directly from email
  • Confirmation that your ticket has been resolved

We’ve put together a handy FAQ + How-To section that includes a visual walk-through showing how a typical ticket is seen through the eyes of our clients.  This FAQ section also includes a “How to get the most out of OTTO” guide which lists some very important do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind to ensure things work as smoothly as possible for everyone.  Since you’ll already be on the TSC site, please check out the OTTO Blog as well for more details!

This is just a small sampling of OTTO’s ‘online’ capabilities to start, but there are a lot of features we’ll be slowly integrating over the coming months… ;)