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Students will find the answers to some of their most common questions and concerns here.

Effective immediately, all students will be required to activate or ‘claim’ their University labs account in order to be able to log into any of the student computers on campus. (labs, Uplink, etc)

Each student will be required to go through this process a minimum of once every 13 months in order to keep their labs account in good standing.  Otherwise, the labs account will automatically expire, at which point it will be mandatory to log back into the ClaimID portal and renew the account.

The process is straight-forward and can be done from virtually any web-browser; even from a smartphone.

  • Log into: http://myidm.uwinnipeg.ca
  • Enter your Student ID and the same password as WebAdvisor in the fields on the main page and click “Login”
  • On the new page, click on the “Edit Your Details” link located under the Student Details heading.
  • You will need to type “yes” (no quotes) in the field located to the left of “Account Create-Renew”.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button to activate the labs account.
  • Finally, click the “Logout” link near the top of the page to finish.

At this point your labs account has been activated and you will be able to log into the various student computers on campus.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk:

Ph: 204-786-9149 opt 1

Email: servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca

You need to log into Webadvisor first and change from your temporary password, to a new password of your choosing.  This username and new password will be what lets you log into Webmail.

Please check your Webmail for your printing credentials.  They should be sent to you as soon as you become a student.  Also, please remember that you need to go to one of the pay-stations located in the Library or Uplinks to add funds first.


This is common for students whose first names begin with the letter L.  
Rule of thumb: if your first name starts with an L, the first character after the hyphen in your username is going to be an L and not the number one.
If you've forgotten your password and need it reset, you can contact the Technology Service Desk  

You can come to the Technology Service Desk located in Uplink (4C32B) and request antoher copy. 

You can also go to Student Central, located on the main floor of the Centennial Building and request another copy.  You can also call them at 779-UWIN (8946) or email them at studentcentral@uwinnipeg.ca. If you just can't see them in person, please leave them a message and be patient - they will call you back!


You can visit http://libanswers.uwinnipeg.ca/index.php as a starting point.  Most of the common student questions have been asked and answered already.  
If you still have a question about your courses, registration, tuition fees, etc., you're probably looking to speak with Student Central.
If you forgot your password and need help with that, you're going to need to speak with the Technology Service Desk by going to Uplink (4C32B) or at 786-9149 (opt 1), servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca or use the online form: 



The University support staff have seen an increase in the amount of students asking the same question over the last while; “How come my assignment is only printing on one side of the page now?”

The short answer is this; since the University is in the process of moving all of its computers and clients from Netware to Windows networking environment we’ve run into a small ‘blip’ where the printing driver provided to us by the vendor doesn’t automatically give us all of the print functions we’re expecting.  One of those functions is “duplexing”, or the ability to utilize both sides of the paper when printing.

Although automatic duplexing is not available it is still possible to print duplex. There is a very simple work-around, but it does require a couple of extra mouse-clicks whenever you want to print on both sides of the paper.

If you are using Microsoft Officeclick on “Printer Properties”, for all other programs click on “Properties” then in the “Duplex” menu click on the drop down arrow button and select “Open to Left” then click on “OK”. Then click on “Print to proceed with the printing process.

Click on the following link for some handy screen-shots...

Duplex Printing Guide