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FAQs - Student Password Expiry FAQ

Questions about the Student password expiry and how it'll affect you? 

This is where the answers are...

TSC is enhancing the security features of the student accounts to follow industry standards and best practices and have put this measure in place, very similar to the claim ID process


By doing this the following applications will be affected:


Web Advisor


Lab computer login

Library (proxy services) or Library (libproxy.uwinnipeg.ca).



This means that your new password will allow you to log into all of these applications

Yes it is...if not done it will limit what applications you can log into such as:


Web Advisor

Lab computers


Library (proxy services) or Library (libproxy.uwinnipeg.ca)


For other FAQ please go to http://techsolutions.uwinnipeg.ca/index.php/student-password-expiry


If you are experiencing any issues please contact the Service Desk at 204-786-9149 or email us servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca