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FAQs - Student Planning FAQs

Student Planning combines degree planning and academic advising with registration to provide a seamless experience to help you keep on-track from your first year to graduation.

From the My Progress tab, you can search and find courses based on your program’s specific requirements. Planning your courses by directly using your program requirements helps ensure that you complete the program in the most expedient way. Your search results will display in the Course Catalog tab. Select a course from the search results, then select Add to Course Plan to add the course to your plan.


Use the Search for courses field to search for specific courses by course name or course number. Your search results will display in the Course Catalog tab. Click Add to Course Plan.


Use the Course Catalog tab to find a course by its subject. Then select Add Course to Plan.

Log into WebAdvisor and select Student Planning under the Registration menu

After you have planned your courses, you can schedule your sections on the Plan & Schedule tab. On the course list on the left hand side of the page, click View other sections to view the times and dates a course is offered. Click on your desired section to plan theYou can also search for sections by using the Course Catalog. If you have any time conflicts, the sections with the time conflict will have a red border on the timetable.

Select Plan & Schedule. When you are ready, you can select Register Now.  If your schedule contains available sections for more than one course, you will be registered for all of them successfully. If your schedule contains some available and some unavailable sections, you will be registered for the available sections only.

Then you can search for the remaining available sections that you need. You also have the option to register for each course individually by selecting Register on each course. If a course is full, the Register option will not be available, click Add to waitlist to add yourself to the waitlist.

Select Plan & Schedule and then Advising. If you have an assigned advisor, you can submit your course plan to your advisor for review by selecting Request Review.

Register for one of the upcoming information sessions beginning in February 2, 2016. See Student Info Session pages Click Here >>

Please refer to the Degree & Major Requirements Document found on the Academic Calendar page of the university website: http://uwinnipeg.ca/academics/calendar/docs/degreeandmajorrequirements.pdf

Notes are a communication tool between students and Advisors about the student’s degree planning.  Notes cannot be deleted once they are saved so the content of the notes must be brief, professional and objective, related only to the student’s degree planning, course selection and registration.  Notes are visible to the student, their Academic Advisor, their Faculty Advisor and any other staff or Faculty who have access to Student Planning so it is important to carefully select what to put in the notes. (Less is more.)

Notes about topics such as the following may be communicated between students and Advisors in this format:

  • Number of credit hours at the 1000 level
  • Course repeats
  • Changing a major
  • Information about permissions, substitutions or waivers
  • Progress toward graduation
  • Course sequencing suggestions
  • Specific Questions or information about a student’s degree plan

Because so many people may view the notes and they cannot be deleted, they should not include the following:

  • Information about Senate academic appeals, grade appeals, fee appeals or academic misconduct
  • Medical or other personal information about the student
  • Information about any advising issue other than degree planning
  • Is this something the student would want other people to know?
  • Does this note respect the student’s right to privacy and confidentiality?
  • Are the details of the proposed notes based on fact and information or on a personal perspective?




Student Planning notes are a valuable communication tool between students and Advisors, but only degree planning information should be included in the notes.

Students can request that they be assigned to an advisor by contacting advising@uwinnipeg.ca or asking academic advising staff to assign them.

Assigning students to advisors is done by academic advising staff using SPRO screen in Colleague

Student Planning will be used for course planning, selection and registration as of the Spring 2016 term. Therefore, any students registering for Spring Term will use it and all students will use it for Fall/Winter 2016-2017.