Roaming Tips

When you don’t need to check email or browse the Internet, turn data roaming off.

- When you enter another country other than Canada, you will receive a notification to your device alerting you that you need to add a roaming travel plan.  Do not ignore these warnings.

- Although a user still has the ability to roam while incurring high overage costs;  a constant reminder of notifications is sent to inform you to add a travel pack to lower your roaming cost.  Do not ignore these warnings.


Voice Calls:

- There is no Long Distance Package for calling from another country to Canada.

- You would still get charged for a long distance call but no roaming fees attached to the call provided a travel plan is added to your line.

- The minutes you purchase would be for local calls in the city that you’re in.

- You should have Company calling on your line, which means that you can call to our UofW Rogers Cell phones, but that should be confirmed before you leave.



- This really depends on what you will be doing with your device. 

- You can put your device in Airplane mode and just switch on WiFi.

- Whenever possible try to use the WiFi available at your hotels, airports, cafes, especially if it is free, or Hotspots.

- Turn data roaming off when you don’t need to check email/Internet.

- Do as much as you can on WiFi.

- Turn off any applications that leverage GPS, such as Maps, Weather, etc.

- Skype and Magic Jack are applications that allow you to use the Internet to call home.  Magic Jack App available for the iPhone allowing calls to Canada and the US for free.  It does not use your Voice Minutes only data.  So if you are using WiFi exclusively and not the 3G/4G Network, it’s free.


Also ensure you have setup a security passcode to access your device, this stops others from using your device should you lose it.  If you lose it, please contact us immediately so that we can deactivate your device with Rogers.  Rogers will temporarily suspend the phone and block it from any further use. This will prevent you from being liable for any minutes or data used while the phone is missing.

You can also deactivate your phone by calling Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS1 (764-3771).

If you are unsure, power off your device and ask us.