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Can I access my personal and department shares remotely now?

We answer that with a resounding, "YES"!

Visit: https://webfiles.uwinnipeg.ca/htcomnet/

WebFiles is a slick-looking, intuitive and most importantly, reliable way to access your personal and department shares from wherever you are. All that’s required is your main campus username and password, and a working internet connection.

Whether you’re a PC or Mac or using any of the current smartphones and tablets, you’ll have access to your shared files and folders any time of the day and regardless of which time zone you’re in.

Something we’re excited about is how ‘smart’ the product is; as an example, you can log in, open your Excel file from the portal, edit your spreadsheet and save it back to your share just like you would if you were on campus. No fuss, no muss!

Perhaps you left a copy of that important video or Power Point presentation at work by accident; just log into the Webfiles portal and download it to your computer at home or on the road.

The portal works much the same as your average computer; you have a basic folder structure located on the left side of the window, and your files are located to the right of that pane. Single click on a folder to expand it or right-click on it for a list of advanced options. Right-clicking on a file will give you another set of intuitive options. Not sure what an option will do? There’s a built-in help guide that should answer most of your questions. Just click on the question-mark icon located near the top-right corner of the page for a handy list of terms and some how-to’s.

Now the fine print: If you’re still using Novell we’re sorry if it seems like we’re teasing you…  As amazing as this portal is, its true power comes to those users that have been switched to Windows network.  Trust us though; it will be worth the wait!